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R & D Data Services, LLC, is dedicated to insuring that you and your company get the most from today's internet technologies.  From our flagship product, our remote backup services, all the way through e-commerce tools and opportunities, we are your key to cutting edge technologies and economical solutions.

There is no need to break the bank when you are trying to stay on top of the new tools, trends and techniques available in today's e-world.  We can take you to higher levels and make your use of the internet world-class.  Our business is keeping you in business. 

What Would Happen If You Lost Your Data?
Most businesses never think what would happen if they lost all of their data.  They spend great deal of money setting up their computer systems to help them operate thier business but never guard against any disaster.
How Our Remote Backup System Works
Find out how our system will protect your investment.  We insure your most valuable asset is protected from disaster.
Here Is What You Get With Your Backup Solution
We offer the ultimate in disaster recovery solutions.  You not only get the software but an entire system that will insure you are up and running in no time in the event of a disaster..
View An Online Presentation About Our Services
Take an in depth look at our services and the disaster that can occur without our services. 
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