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Included With Your Backup System


  • Designed to backup server as well as workstations and laptops

  • Totally automatic with no employee intervention needed after setup

  • Pay for what you use... no more, no less

  • Backup of our backup is dual redundant

  • No long-term contract needed

  • Dedicated Customer Service and Support Technician

  • 8 different encryption levels to choose from Customizable Backup Schedule, frequencies and retention

  • Unlimited backup sets for ease of restorations

  • Backups automatically start at time scheduled

  • Compression and encryption done before transmission

  • Automatic email notification of status of each backup set

  • Interrupted backups restart where it left off

  • Restoration 24/7/365 under your control

  • Restore single file or entire set

  • Free online, email and phone technical support

  • No charge for telephone installation process

  • Emergency support available 24/7

  • Runs on any Windows platform

  • Can run as a service in background

  • Able to backup mapped drives

  • Monthly invoice

  • Credit Card payments accepted


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